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I came home...

I left work at about 12:15 this afternoon. I forced myself to eat something, and I turned on CNN.

I cannot begin to describe the horror. Video clips show scenes that are so... so completely terrible they're burned into my mind. These same images are the ones that will define an entire generation. Like the JFK assassination, like the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle, there are images here that we as a nation will never be able to forget, and must always remember.

The North tower, burning, a huge hole in its side belching billows of thick black smoke. Then, from out of the frame, the second plane, banking so that it turns dead-on towards the second tower.

The fireball from the second tower as the plane strikes the side.

The spray of concrete and glass debris, falling from the sky upon the witnesses below.

The plume of dust and smoke as the top stories of the South Tower collapse upon themselves, and then the entire structure gives way as the support columns buckle and then collapse. It was as if the building had been imploded...

The gray plumes of smoke pouring from the Pentagon building.

The collapse of the North tower, thirty minutes after the first... disappearing before you....

The home video taken by an EMT only a block or so away from the center as the first tower collapsed... there's ash everywhere, on the ground and in the air. It's dark as dusk because of the smoke, and papers from the destroyed offices litter the ground like so much confetti.....

My apartment complex, and the school across the street from us... both flying flags at half mast.

We must not forget.

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