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Super-Fun Happy Booze Trivia Time

In an online conversation this evening with shaddragon it was brought to my attention that there are still a lot of people who are laboring under the mistaken impression that vodka is (and always has been) made from potatos. If you retained any of the various tidbits from your high-school history classes or have watched enough History Channel you might believe that this theory doesn't quite hold water -- errr booze -- err.... well, it doesn't something anyway (I'm too sober for this). Guess what? You'd be right.... this popular urban legend has a small bit of truth in it, just enough to distract your average booze-hound from the untruth.

But never fear! Once again the Internet is here to rescue us. There is a detailed history of vodka that you can read, or if you want the Readers Digest version there is a fairly interesting -- if slightly snobby -- article that will dispell these myths about this much-loved high-tension booze.

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