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Busy morning, slow afternoon

This morning was a repeat of last Sunday. I had to get up moderately early in order to attend a number of showings and apparently my body and mind knew it -- I woke up long before my alarm was set to go off. Today's agenda called for me to look at one duplex and two town-homes, although I ended up actually looking at three town-homes. In a way I am reminded of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears because every time I go to a viewing I find I am muttering to myself a great deal. I suspect my Northern realtor thinks I'm insane since he hears me talking to myself, but I don't imagine that he's terribly surprised to hear me utter lines such as "this one is too small," "this one is too expensive," "this one is in need of too much remodeling" or the classic "Holy jumped-up messiah in a nitro-burning sidecar, what were these people thinking when they did this?!"

The good thing about all the stress and frustration of this search for my next home is that I know I have plenty of time to keep searching and an ample budget to work with. As long as I keep my mind and my options open I will eventually find the one that is "just right." For now the mystery is determining what constitutes "just right" for me at this point in my life, but the answer will come eventually. Right now it looks like what might be just right for me is a duplex in a Northwestern suburb, but maybe it'll be a single-family home out West or a condo in the new development that's going in just down the street from where I live now. I've been preparing for this day for over two years, but it still amuses me a little at just how easy it is to feel overwhelmed. There are an incredibly large number of things one has to factor into the purchase of a home, and only the very foolish make snap decisions when this much money is involved.

The duplex I looked at today is similar to the one I looked at last week (it's actually the same model in the same subdivision but with a few minor differences). What stood out the most about this particular household is that instead of a patio it has an enclosed "three season" porch and it had an actual wood-burning fireplace in the living room.

One of the town-homes that I visited was enticing as it had a fully-finished basement. The drop-ceiling was a nice touch and the way the room was laid out brought visions of stereo receivers and wide-screen televisions to my head. The tile floor that was down there also would be a plus for me since Ra is still sick with surprising regularity. Tile is far easier to clean than carpet for reasons that should be obvious.

The second town-home was not at all to my liking. It was small, it had issues that made me cringe (obvious plumbing problems) and the association fee was astronomical.

Lunch was had at BD's. Sarah invited us to a function this Saturday that sounds absolutely delightful, although I know roho and enveri won't be going. I haven't yet decided for myself if I'll be attending, and I think I'll postpone the decision for a little while. Tequila lime chicken was the theme ingredient in my bowl today, and while it was good I felt it was lacking in something. Perhaps my malaise for food was because I had a Bloody Mary for a drink instead of a Corona. The Bloody Mary was good (even though it wasn't prepared by Pat) but I think that the Corona might have matched flavors with the chicken a little better. Towards the end of lunch I wasn't feeling my best. I limped my way out to the truck and got in for the drive home wit hthe hope that as time passed so would the queasiness I was experiencing.

As we were pulling into the driveway for home I saw a sign declaring an open house at an address near to the apartment. I had briefly thought about pursuing a town-home right here but didn't think any were available since my realtor never mentioned them to me. On a whim I drove halfway around the subdivision until I found the location in question and stepped up to ring the doorbell. I was greeted by a fellow about my age who had been the resident for the last five years. The guy introduced me to his family and then gave me a tour of the household. To call it "immaculately maintained" is not giving this fellow due credit, and he had clearly put considerable time and money into improving the value of the residence (the bar that he had installed was a woodworking marvel). The price was a little higher than I had hoped but given the location I can't say I'm surprised.

So after today's adventuring I have a lot more to think about. I'd like to look at more single-family homes before i get too deep into the decision-making process. The downside to further viewings is that it means more sifting through the various options I am presented (sometimes you can have too many choices).

After we got home from looking at the surprise town-house (a 30 second drive from that location to our residence) I retreated to my bedroom and sat down to listen to some music via iTunes. Ra celebrated my return by harfing on the carpet, an activity he has been performing so much as of late I'm left wondering if he's developed a way to derive some sort of twisted enjoyment from the act. Roho and Kes slipped out again sometime around 4pm to attend movies. I had wanted to go with (one of the movies they wanted to watch was "Alien," since that's been re-related to the big screen. I own the complete series on DVD but I really want to get the full theater experience of the film that helped set the standard for the following decade in suspense/horror/sci-fi) but I felt it prudent to decline.

As it would turn out I chose wisely: I imitated Ra sometime around 6 PM. Unlike the cat I was able to make it to the bathroom before I made any offerings to the great porcelain temple. I feel perversely vindicated by this, as if it was some great accomplishment.

The last two hours have been spent stretched out on the futon in the livingroom, alternating between the shivers and the sweats. I know this isn't a case of food poisoning from the stirfry since I noted I was feeling a little "off" this morning when I woke up. Perhaps the stress of the last three weeks has finally caught up with me? Too soon to tell, I suppose, but I think I'm going to tone down my extracurricular activities for the next couple days. I don't want to miss any days at the office since things are really getting down to the wire and I have a lot of vacation time scheduled. I won't "lose" anything by taking sick days off -- I have over a week of vacation that still hasn't been used or scheduled -- but with all the time I'm going to be away from the office over the coming two months if I have to stay out sick it would be entirely possible for me to fall "behind the curve" and damage my chances at the upcoming employee appraisal. So long as I keep my head down and my shoulders square I have no doubt that I'll be able to survive the next three weeks without any real unpleasantness. I just have to see how long this little stomach bug hangs around while I dose myself liberally with peppermint-flavored pink goo.

So, having chronicled my day I think that my next stop should be my bed, where I can curl up under heavy blankets with my barfing cat. At least we'll be two of a kind. Tomorrow will be a busy one at work as I try to catch up on a backlog of tickets and documentation from the week previous. After I get home I will still have plenty of paperwork to do... I need to update my health and life insurance benefits for the upcoming 2004 (I think it's time to pursue flexible spending so I can cheat Uncle Sam out of a few more tax dollars).

She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie; cocaine

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