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Quote of the day...

duncandahusky: OBEY THE FIST! Oh, wait - that's already taken. We'll have to have marketing form a focus group and come up with a more suitable insane cry of power-lust.

I can't believe I forgot the bloody marketing team! I got so focused on hiring the mad scientists, building the giant orbital weapons platform, interviewing shock troopers and ordering chintz curtains for my hidden base of operations at the center of the volcano I forgot all about the public relations team! Quickly, Number Two! I require a gin and tonic and an immediate conference call with the guy who did the spin-doctoring for MCI/WorldComm after they declared bankruptcy. I demand that you have a crack team of PR analysts assembled by noon. They need to be ready to explain away my plans for global domination as not another maniacal plan but instead just as "a bit of globalized governmental housecleaning" before I hijack the U.N. satellite link at 3 today...

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