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I am an addictive personality

Five months ago I was addicted to Diet Vanilla Coke, I drank that stuff like it was going out of style. To be truthful I'm still upset that the concoction is not seeing more market penetration because there are only so many 20oz bottles I want to buy from the local Amoco. Eventually I'd like to be able to just stop in at [random grocery store] and pick up a case of the beverage if the whim strikes me. Unfortunately that day seems a long way off as the only place that carries it in cans is Dominicks, and they only carry it in 12-packs. Nobody else seems inclined to pick this line up in regular much less in the diet version.

Now, however, that is less of a worry as I am addicted to something entirely new. I never knew Pepsi made a diet version of Code Red, but as soon as I found out I started drinking it and I haven't been able to stop since then.

I need to seek therapy -- or gin. In point of fact I am convinced that I should just skip the therapy and go directly to the thirteenth step in the program: drinking heavily. This sounds like a great way to start my weekend. I strongly advise the rest of you to pursue this method as well. Your homework will be to report your results to me on Monday.

Tell me will love be there

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