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Man that's weird.

As I previously noted in an entry last night my SideKick got its OS upgrade via OTA around 10:15 PM. I whined a bit that it didn't seem like the radio firmware upgrade had taken place, then went to bed. I spent most of the morning sort of muttering to myself and shaking my head, wondering how I could get one half of the update but not the other. The radio firmware upgrade came this morning at about 8:00 AM -- dig it, that's a ten hour delay between the delivery of one component to the next. Does anybody else find it a little unsettling that an upgrade this "tightly integrated" has such an incredible lag?

In other news I killed quite a bit of time chatting on AIM this morning. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

In still other news the LJFM had its first "production" run this morning. I admit I was a little hesitant about letting it run automatically without being awake to keep an eye on the logs -- while everything had been working for me in testing you never can tell how it's going to behave "in the wild" until you throw the switch for the first time. It appears that the Magic Data Fairies did their thing with a minimal amount of fuss though, so that is good. I was rather pleased to see it was quickly adopted by quite a few folks on my friends list and surprised to find that a number of complete strangers had also signed up to the service. I guess word of mouth travels fast, especially when the original author posts a link in his own journal to your announcement.

At least I know the server has some sort of purpose now.

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