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SideKick madness...

So T-mobile announced this morning on the Hiptop forum that the much-touted OTA was finally rolling out to the masses starting at noon PST today. roho got his update about an hour ago, the lucky beggar. I was a little surprised at this, having figured with the help of Murphy's Law we'd be seeing the upgrades on our phones sometime next week. At around 10:15 this evening I took a look at my SideKick and discovered that the old addage of "a watched pot never boils" was indeed correct -- I was greeted with a screen prompting me for action. I guess the OTA had downloaded to my phone while it was sitting in my pocket! The screen asked if I wanted to install the upgrade now, or schedule it for later? What a silly question! I told the phone that of course I wanted to install the update right now; after all I have been waiting rather impatiently for the last three weeks while Danger and T-mobile sat in a sulky silence and ignored the pleas of the user community for information while they tried to get their bugs worked out. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall the next time they get ready to test an OTA, apparently this initial pilot run was just chock-full of juicy tidbits.

So far my greatest annoyance is that I have only seen one upgrade and not the two I was told to expect. The upgrade that installed appears to have been strictly for the Hiptop OS, I'm seeing the "Catalog" option on my JumpMenu now and I've already used it to install the TerminalMonkey and Calculator applications. There also appear to be some minor alterations to the handling characteristics of the menu system, and it looks like I'm seeing one or two other new features (like the icon legend). After the upgrade my SideKick did the dreaded "Two Dot Dance" for about five minutes before it was able to re-establish link. For the benefit of linnaeus: the rumor is false, the Arcade subsystem did not go away. Like I thought that only applied to the Color SideKick users because of a licensing issue.

At this point I'm left to wonder if my phone pulled down the OS upgrade and the radio firmware upgrade at the same time, or if it only got the OS upgrade. Does anybody know what revision level the radio firmware should be at (seen via Menu->Settings->System Info) after the OTA takes place? I currently have "hiptop OS v 1.1/52958" and "Radio Firmware 1.103.33."

Here's some good news on a completely unrelated note: I was assured tonight that yotogi will be attending this year's MFF without my having to extract teeth and kneecaps. This pleases me greatly.

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