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Well I'll be damned....

I got my review today, finally. Color me surprised that it happened exactly when it was promised (of course it wasn't promised to me until four hours before the event, when the paperwork was pretty much guaranteed... but let's not worry about nit picky details like that right now) but beggars cannot be choosers.

The good news is twofold: The biggest bit of good news is that I'm getting retro pay from today all the way back to 9/2002 -- thus it will be a nice fat check. The other bit of good news is that now I am finally caught up in terms of my annual reviews! Since DR (my good supervisor) is handling things for this year I can actually look forward to getting my 2002-2003 appraisal on time. However, there is a catch, and the catch is this: this is probably the last year I will see this particular percentage on my appraisal form. In its infinite wisdom the company has decided to meet its fiscal challenges by having Human Resources re-work the scale for regular employee pay raises. Where we used to have a ceiling of 6% we now have a ceiling of 4.5% for pay increases based on annual reviews. Naturally the scoring that determines what percent you actually receive has been changed accordingly. To get 6% before the change you had to score "outstanding" across the board, with "commendable" earning you 4%. Now to get that 4% you have to score "outstanding" across the board and woe to you if you earn a "commendable." I can't imagine what a "successful" will get you, and I think on this new scale if you score an "unsuccessful" you actually owe the corporation money....

Overall I'm just glad to have this battle over with. Now I can go on to fight other fires.


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