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Operation "Have A Happy Halloween Dammit" now commences...

Phase one has been completed: the pumpkins have been achieved.

With the first stage of operations closed it is almost time for phase two to commence. If you are not familiar with phase two, it is not the "Warm Liquid Goo" phase that was popularized in Austin Powers. No, phase two is much more insidious -- enveri has been placed into a sweatshop and is being forced to draw designs onto the pumpkins with a Sharpie marker for the amusement of roho, Cailet, Ra, Marcus and myself.

Phase three will begin not long after and will be incredibly messy. Why is it pumpkin guts are never simple to remove? I know why they make the cuts on your hands sting, but why must stringy innards be so damned hard to work with?

Once we have some finished results I'll break out the digital camera and see if I can't get some pictures taken!

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