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Interesting things this morning...

A film critic and hi-tech theater geek boy wrote a column for MSN listing the top ten movies to watch on DVD. A number of discs I own already are among the films listed, such as "Fight Club," "The Matrix" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

Stopping by the tower's cafe this morning with a coworker I discovered they have begun stocking individually-wrapped, mint-flavored toothpicks. I felt compelled to grab a handful of them and now they're sitting in a coffee mug on my desk. I figure since I never used the mug for coffee I might as well give it a purpose.

On the drive up and down IL-83 to the office I pass through a section of road where the neighborhood has had "sound barriers" erected along the highway to help control the car noise. On my way in today I happened to glance to one side while I was driving through that stretch and I saw a near-full bottle of Diet Pepsi sitting on one of the concrete barriers that serves as the base of the wooden sound barrier. Why would there be a two-liter bottle of soda set on a concrete barrier? Who would leave such a thing there?

I'm downloading the latest "release" version of FreeBSD (urocyon would be proud) and will attempt to install it on my laptop later this afternoon. I'm tired of the hyper-twitchy Linux installation that is on there and want to try something different in its place that will hopefully not make me want to stab my eyes out with the toothpicks from the coffee mug. The fun part about this download is that I could see how many people at any given time were in the office simply by looking at the transfer rate I was acheiving. For example: at 7:45 I had two downloads running at 215KB per second. At 8:00 that rate was reduced to 178KB per second for each of the downloads. At 08:30 that rate was 150KB per second for just ONE download (the other had completed) and then at 09:10 that single download was getting a regrettable 124KB per second. According to our bandwidth reports even though my download is complete the lines are still fully saturated on the incoming channels -- our production day has gone into full swing and Internet bandwidth has once again become a precious commodity.

I was informed that mail services for chebutykin are broken again and I'm not pleased. I will have to go spelunking through the log files to see what's going on and try to resolve this issue, but I'm starting to wonder if glue records in the TLD servers aren't partially to blame -- I know they accounted for some of the foolishness I had to troubleshoot yesterday for a different user.

I've decided that yotogi is going to come to MFF this year if I have to extract the teeth of every man, woman and child between his place and Chicago to make it happen.

My usual cup of coffee this morning was graced by an eyelash. Strange as it may sound I am fervently hoping that it was my eyelash because the alternative is a little too unsettling to consider.

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