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Mmm, a note to myself...

I absolutely must do these things tomorrow:

  • Clean Ra's litterbox.
  • Change the fish tank's filters.
  • Do laundry.
  • Call up Addison and get a copy of my transcript run, then find out what I need to complete my degree. I think seven years is quite long enough for a bachelors, don't you?
  • Call Candis King and see if she has any thoughts on Bolingbrook/Batavia housing options.
  • Fax necessary documentation to my loan officer so he doesn't think I'm trying to scam him (fax machine was broken yesterday and today at the office).
  • Pick up pumpkins for carving.

    Oh yeah, one last thing...

  • Go into my overdue 2001-2002 review and get a big fat raise.
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