September 26th, 2012


Are we in the future, yet? (car stereos)

In late June of this year put a new stereo receiver in my truck is from Pioneer and has many fancy features such as HD Radio, iPod control, iTunes tagging, Bluetooth link to my phone, etc.

Today, while the engine was being particularly stubborn about turning over, I drained the battery on the truck. The radio promptly rewarded my by losing all of my station presets, all of my preferences and the date/time was wiped out as well. The date & time I can understand, but station presets and user peferences? That's just unforgivable!

I cannot believe that in this brave year of 2012, car radio manufacturers STILL do not know what NVRAM is and how they might use it for Good. 

I can't believe I have to get angry about this shit! Technology should have solved this First World Problem a decade ago.
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