June 15th, 2009

Sakuranym - Feren_profile

Weekend report

Friday night: lady_curmudgeon and I drove up to the Naperville hotel where DucKon was being held, so that we could hang out at wyldekyttin's birthday and room party. We lounged around until around 2300 hours or so and then drove home for the night. Saturday it was up to Kenosha for doctoring, then back home in the early afternoon. I took a nap for a few hours and got up in time for dinner. Once we'd eaten and medicated Jazz for the evening it was back to the DucKon hotel to hang in Kyttin's room party again, arriving right around 2000 hours when the room was open to the private invitees. We stayed until around 0330 on Sunday morning, chatting and snacking and drinking with the various folks that came through. I particularly enjoyed talking to "Gus," a fellow who looked like Silent Bob.

We got home around 4 in the morning on Sunday, slept until around noon and then texted the crew back at the hotel to see if they could use a hand packing up and loading out. Our offer was rather enthusiastically accepted. We arrived around 1340 in the afternoon and by 1530 we had both rooms fully loaded out. Of the three cars I was first to arrive back at Ohana so I had the stage, drink coolers and sundry unloaded with ample time to help unload the other vehicles when they arrived. Curmudgeon and I stayed around for a while, just hanging out with folks and having idle conversation. At about 1815 we bid everyone a good evening, drove home, enjoyed some Subway foot long sandwiches and generally relaxed for the evening. Unfortunately for me, because of the late nights we'd had Friday and Saturday I didn't actually feel tired until around midnight, which was when I climbed into bed.

Today it's back to the grind at work.
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Settle an argument - French Fries

Dear Lazyweb,

foxish and I are having a bit of a disagreement, and I need you to show him how wrong he is.

Poll #1416142 French Fry Wars

Who has the best fries?

Arby's (referring to the Curly fries)

FYI: This is settling the argument between Foxish and I. I know there are tasty fry options from other fast food (or not-fast food) restaurants, but I'm not looking for that information right now. What I need is a decision between these two competitors! So you have to choose who, between these two options, has the tastiest fries.