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Hot grilling action...

It took me a little while, but I've finally convinced Gallery to work on my new server after I migrated it from the old one. My biggest problem appears to have been that the various graphics manipulation libraries on old panther are in different locations from the new one. No wonder things were breaking. No problem! A few quick package installations and a reconfiguration of Gallery later and hurray, everything is working once more.

So now that I've managed to get Gallery back to a functional state I have uploaded the pictures that roho was kind enough to take for me yesterday while I was busy behind the counter (it's hard to flip stir-fry and photograph yourself, you see). I have posted them in their own album that is accessable from my main Gallery page. There's only 13 pictures, so it is a small album. Unfortunately my digital camera picked up on some features in a few of the pictures that confused the automatic white balance all to hell, so if one or two of the pictures are grainy or hard to look at I apologize -- I did the best I could with Photoshop to correct them.

If you're too lazy to go to the gallery you can click on the cut tag below and see three pictures I'm particularly fond of.

It's time to get my grill on...

The secret ingredient is spice, and lots of it!


No stop ya'll


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