July 8th, 2008


Vacation almost over.

We are safely back in Illinois, winding down after visiting my home state and spending four days enjoying the many pleasures of CONvergence (FIVE DAYS! FIVE DAYS! FIVE DAYS! FIVE DAYS!). Along with the multitude of con activities that occupied us, I had the opportunity to take lady_curmudgeon up to see the town and the farm I grew up on. We spent two evenings having dinner with my folks and on Friday we watched an amazing fireworks display out by Mystic Lake Casino.

I would be remiss if I didn't say how wonderful it was to see chebutykin and cajones again. This paragraph, short though it may be, is dedicated to them. We need to see far more of you two! Especially when you're not working yourselves to death (I'm looking at you, miss I'm-on-15-panels-in-a-weekend).

I am not really looking forward to going back to the office tomorrow, but that's how it goes.