April 19th, 2008


Out of debit

Sometime between 2100 hours last night and about 1400 hours today I managed to lose misplace my primary debit card. lady_curmudgeon is pretty convinced that it's not actually lost and in the nefarious clutches of somebody who will spend my money wildly. I agree with her and am pretty convinced it's actually somewhere here in roho & enveri's house, but damned if I can find it. So rather than take chances while I half-assedly lumber around looking for the card, I opted to hit the web and filed a lost card notification with my credit union. Since I was filing after normal banking hours the website's form had me call into the necessary 800 number to cancel the card as well. While I was on the site I also checked my online balance statement. There's no unrecognized charges on the register so I think I dodged a bullet if the card fell out somewhere somebody unsavory could find it.

If I somehow stumble across the wayward card before this weekend is through the card is now disabled and useless, but I don't care. The replacement will be here in a few days and in the meantime I can use the debit card from my other bank. This is just a mild inconvenience and it certainly isn't anything insurmountable. I'm just glad to know the balance in my checking account is safe and, for the near future, still mine.

Since we drove up to Chez Cheefennec last night my usual Friday posting of something photography-related has been delayed until Monday or Tuesday.

PS: Dear LazyWeb, why did you not tell me there was a video of a cat playing a theramin?