May 13th, 2007


Wherein there is sap (Happy mothers day)

Even though I am fully aware that my mother doesn't read this journal (to be entirely honest she doesn't read anything on the Interwub) I'm going to take a moment to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. There are so many different things she's taught me over the years: compassion, how to be excited by science, the importance of knowing all the buttons on your washing machine and how to stay more stubborn than the Shetland pony that is trying to throw you out of the saddle (don't ask). She's always been unconditional with her love and has always, in the end, forgiven me for the stupid things I've said and done.

I won't say I was the best kid. I know I wasn't by any means easy to put up with when I was young and when I was a teenager... heh. Well, let me say that when I was a teenager it is anyone's guess as to how and why she never opted to put me down like a rabid dog. Even when I wasn't actively making her life frustrating there were those health issues when I was in fourth grade; those probably went a long way to making my mother's hair go gray so early. Oddly enough she's never held any of those things against me. If anything I would say it made her love for me that much stronger.

I am pretty damn lucky.

While I'm at it... I would like to extend this message of thanks to all the mothers who are reading this. From where I stand it does not matter if you are the mother of two children and a husband (Hey, males know that being married and being of legal age to vote does not exclude us from being childish at times) or if you're the "mother" of a four-legged critter like a dog or cat... you still play an important and vital role in the lives of those you touch. You are loved and deserve recognition for all that you do. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day.