December 3rd, 2006


This is fun, and I blame yotogi

He showed me this addictive vector-based Pong-variant and now I can't stop playing the damn game. After showing it to twanfox tonight I discussed it a bit with him and had something of an insight about the game during the chatter. It's so deceptively simple for the first six levels that you find yourself mocking the opponent, I said. You're all "HAHAH stupid AI!" and then suddenly the fucker has skills.

Go ahead and try it for yourself if you don't believe me. My first round had me dead on Level 6 with a score of 17,845.

As the night moves on I continue to go back to challenge my AI pong-playing overlord. I also continue to drink Tanqueray gin (or Tanglefoot as my Texan uncle calls it). As each task progresses I'm sure my coordination will stumble from "coordinated" into the "hilarious to watch" territory while playing.

I understand if you can't talk to me again

I am a chatty boy tonight, aren't I?

On fast fewd....

I have most of the major fast food chains (at least ones that are major in the Midwest) within walking distance of my house. Tonight I decided that, since I had not had dinner, it would be nice to enjoy a couple of Whoppers from Burger King. So I drove over there, and I saw the now-familiar banner still hanging on the building's exterior. This banner proudly proclaims TWO WHOPPERS, $3 so that's exactly what I ordered. Yet on the screen, while I was placing my order, I saw "2x Whopper/Chz $4." I asked the cashier to explain. "Oh, well we have two Whoppers with cheese for $4, sir." I informed her I don't WANT cheese, I ordered Whoppers. "Well, they come with cheese." No, they don't. If they came with cheese I'd be ordering WHOPPERS WITH CHEESE now wouldn't I? Apparently they still have the "Two Whoppers for $3" deal, but now I have to do the same thing I do when I order a regular Whopper... I have to explicitly state that I do not want the damn thing with cheese. Otherwise I get the "Two Whoppers with Cheese, $4" deal.

When the hell did Cheese become the defacto on a Whopper? Why the hell have they changed a burger that's been perfectly fine on its own for twenty years so that it now includes cheese? Where is this hidden demand by the public for cheese, which has remained hidden from me?

I feel like Denis Leary when he said, I can't believe I have to get pissed off about this!

[Edit @2103 12/3]: And their fries still suck, too. I should have known back in the 90s that when they got Mr Potato-head to shill their new "Flavor" that it'd be crap-tastic.
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