October 30th, 2006


The calm after the storm: weekend work and a friend's loss

Friday night seemed to stretch out for a long, long time after I made the last post. Neither lady_curmudgeon nor I were able to get to sleep right away despite having gone to bed... both of us still had a lot more tears over Smudge to let out before exhaustion would finally kick in.

I spent Saturday dealing with my grief the only real way I know how: putting my head down and working myself hard on some physically-intensive task or another. Fortunately (and it seems weird to say that) I had a commitment on the 28th to help twanfox and cabbitattack move from their old apartment in Rolling Meadows to a nice shiny new one in Aurora. There's nothing like moving a houshold to provide a physical outlet for grief and anger, let me tell you. I arrived at the Rolling Meadows apartment a little early and Twan hadn't gotten in with the moving truck yet, so I took the time to call my folks and fill them in on what had happened. My mother let me talk her ear off and do a bit more crying before handing me off to my dad, who had run into an old elementary school friend of mine during the week. I hadn't seen or heard about Judd for almost 22 years... and suddenly he's in the same auto parts store as my father. Strange circumstances. Let it never be said that our world is too big for chance occurances of that nature to occur.

We had everything loaded up and got underway for Aurora at around 1318. We got done unloading at the new residence sometime around 1630. I had planned to stay at the new apartment and have some pizza and booze but decided to bid everyone a good night and head home to see how Curmudgeon was doing. In some ways I was glad to be through with the bulk of the moving (Curmudgeon missed me and I was limping rather significantly by the end of the afternoon) but in other ways I would have rather stayed and kept pushing boxes around... I was, and still am, dwelling a great deal on the final minutes of Smudge's life. I suspect this will continue for quite some time because I feel a great deal of guilt and sadness.

I got home by 1715 and immediately took a shower to wash off all the stink from my workout (Nothing like carrying a sleeper sofa while wearing a jacket to work up a sweat), got Curmudgeon out of Z'ha'dum and went for a bite to eat at Preno's, a local Italian Beef and hotdog/burger joint. While I was there work called -- such a surprise -- and once I was assured that I wasn't going to have to deal with more stupidity from the office we drove North. It wasn't long before we were at the Vet's office to pick up Curmudgeon's car (she was in no shape to follow me home Friday night) and then made our way further North to K-town.

Sunday was spent being mostly quiet around the World's Smallest Two-Bedroom Flat. We did some emergency laundry for Curmudgeon (Diva decided to puke on a bed quilt), visited Curmudgeon's brother and neice and then came home.

Sunday was also when I got some very sad news, closely related to the work I was involved in on Saturday.... twanfox lost his sister Christina to a car accident this weekend. Not only does he have the stress of finishing the move out of his old apartment, he now must endure the trials and grief of losing an immediate family member, so I'll be keeping him and his family in my thoughts as well.