August 13th, 2006


How does Feren celebrate his 28th birthday?

Today was my 28th birthday. Being that it had been such a quiet, easy going day... I did something impulsive before going out to dinner with lady_curmudgeon, roho and enveri.

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It was pretty easy. Got the beard trimmer, took the adjustable guard off and went to town like that scene in Full Metal Jacket. I had some second thoughts after the first pass, but by then I was committed so I just finished the job. I think it turned out nice! If people want I'll be sure to report back the reaction I get at work tomorrow.

BTW -- dinner was delicious and the company delightful. lady_curmudgeon even surprised me by giving me a big gift bag overflowing with little trinkets and fun gifts and mushy cards for my birthday. She knows better but I guess I wasn't going to stop her... and it was very sweet, regardless.

I'm not a lonely man