May 27th, 2006


Power at a wedding? Notta problem!

I don't think twanfox is going to have a problem with electricity at his wedding to cabbitattack tomorrow... at least not with justincheetah, myself and a few other select people on the case. Here's photographic proof that MORE POWER is a good thing.

The Geeked Gangstas of the Generators

Picture by lady_curmudgeon, taken on a camera phone. I promise there will be better ones to come.

What you can't tell is that this genset is on a trailer, and the trailer is hooked to my Expedition -- the bloody thing is so large that it's completely obscuring my green beast! At 60kVA I don't think we're going to be wanting for power at all tomorrow. When we fired it up this evening for a test-run even the Curmudgeon was impressed. I'm gonna have to snap a few more photos before I take it back to the yard.

It's electric!