March 30th, 2006


Three dollars and twenty cents later....

I believe that I mentioned in an entry from earlier this week that during a lunch break my coworkers and I took a trip to the local Salvation Army thrift store. While I was there I rescued a purple-and-red lava lamp from their "brik-a-brak" shelf for an absolute song. The problem with buying second-hand from a thrift store is that sometimes you don't get a complete package. In this case my awesome toy was lacking a bulb, so I couldn't get bubbly lava love.

Until today! After stuffing ourselves with a nice lunch at the chinese buffet place a few miles from the office the coworkers and I took a field trip to Home Depot. There we were able to locate a bulb of the appropriate size, wattage, shape and base type for this lamp. A few moments ago I screwed the bulb into the base, put the glass "bottle" back into place and plugged the cord into the outlet. Happily the lamp works like a champ and the wax is currently being warmed to its appropriate operating temperature for gloopy, bubbly lava action.

With the celebratory lighting of the lava lamp my desk has just moved up a whole rung on the ladder of awesome.

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Lava Lamp spreads its mighty .... gloop!

I just wrapped up an intensely amusing conversation with a coworker ("K") at one of our remote sites. He and I were discussing the optical-wax bloopy love that is my thrift store lava lamp, which is cool because he has one as well on his office desk. Several of my coworkers in the local office have expressed desire to get lavalamps as well, making us some sort of molten-wax Mafia, I guess. When I passed this wry observation on to K, he wrote an impromptu song...

(04:17:12 PM) camaroferen: We're making a Lava Cult here.
(04:18:23 PM) k: ohh I love that
(04:18:26 PM) k: cult away
(04:18:34 PM) k: should write a song about it
(04:18:39 PM) k: me and my lava cult
(04:19:12 PM) k: Bought a bottle of oil and goo
(04:19:23 PM) k: thought it might be cool
(04:19:30 PM) k: but did not know what to do
(04:19:41 PM) k: so I added some wire and a bulb
(04:20:01 PM) k: damn think sparked and sizzled aloud
(04:21:51 PM) k: The wax began ro raise
(04:22:04 PM) k: A trinkle came over my eyes
(04:22:19 PM) k: I saw my reflection
(04:22:25 PM) k: such perfection
(04:24:05 PM) k: may be warped guy
(04:24:12 PM) k: but so to is working for $employer

We have some great people in this company.
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