November 27th, 2005

Technology makes me punchy

dspam can blow me (You get pain for wanting to filter your mail)

The wildly popular anti-spam system dspam went into production on panther about 4 days ago. The tipping point came after I restored proper routing from "role accounts" (think webmaster, postmaster, etc) to the inbox of a Real Human (read: mine). It's astounding just how much junkmail these role accounts were getting. Since I was frustrated by getting something on the average of 30 spam letters every two hours via the role accounts, and since I'd had a few other users on the system complaining that their mail boxes were out of control too, I decided to take action. I took a cue from roho and tossed dspam onto the box, thinking "Hey... a bunch of people use this, it's trainable, and I'm not submitting to the horror that is the DNS RBL system (where collateral damage due to crazy people at the helm is a way of life and is somehow viewed as completely acceptable)."

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