April 14th, 2005


Ra says hello....

Or, perhaps, "Get that camera out of my face before I swallow your soul!"

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. o O o .

[Edit 2102 CDT 4/14/05]: Amusingly enough, as enveri and roho can attest, this is exactly what Ra looks like when he's being "talky."

Discover.... L-I-M-P.... say it
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And one more photo post, while I'm at it...

Some of you know that roho, enveri and I decided to make last weekend a vacation by travelling to Madison and crashing out with eisenkreis and arphalia. While a visit to the two lovely ladies is always reason enough to make the trip out of Illinois to the wilds of Wisconsin,we also had other motives! Namely, chebutykin and cajones were in town for OdysseyCon. How could we pass up a chance to visit with our favorite comic-coloring web zombie and her significant other (and in so doing also pass up the chance to visit with other good friends such as onceagainplease, sleepingzebras, et al)? We'd have to be mad!

Well, we all had a good time. Cheb summarizes well with her series of entries, and Roho gives an amusing abstraction in his journal.

Most surprising to me, though, was meeting muskrat_john and getting the entire crew of Dr. Blink to autograph copies of issues #0 and #1 for all of us. I had to capture the moment, so here it is below....

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I admit it, this made me positively giddy. Or perhaps it was a combination of sleep deprivation, sushi, caffeine, late hours and too much nicotine. I'm planning to do this again next year in a much more formal fashion (read: registered attendee). I need more relaxing conventions in my life.
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