March 4th, 2004



I'm going to have houseguests starting tonight and lasting through Sunday -- the first official set Z'ha'dum has had. I'm looking forwards to the company, even if the house is still an utter and total mess. Given the total lack of organization there as I get home I'll be trying to "prepare" and give the illusion of proper housekeeping by running around, shuffling things into neat piles and hoping they look organized. This harried "cleaning" is what I get for procrastinating when I only had a few days of work left to achieve completion. Will I ever be quit of my slacker ways?

So while I wait anxiously for 4pm to arrive for my mad dash home I am sitting in the office and vibrating a bit in my chair. Since I'm not feeling very inclined to do any work I must find distraction through other avenues. You know what that means....

... yep, it's time for an LJ-poll!

Poll #257816 I'm not doing productive work today, take two

You know the drill. Ask me anything, and I shall answer, no matter what.

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