February 23rd, 2004



I awoke to the sound of Ra doing his chuffing-choking-heaving routine twice this morning (around 2 and 3 AM) so I chased him out of the room in my sleep-stupor. When I finally got up with my alarm I looked out in the hallway and wasn't at all surprised to find several spots where he had been sick, so after I showered and shaved I went to do the clean-up routine. Par for the course, right? I knew that sometime Ra's harf could be foul, but I had no idea it could be this vile -- I discovered that he had somehow managed to stain the tile on the hallway floor. I scrubbed at it for a good three minutes with a wet paper towel and still there were traces.

That's some powerful harf. This calls for the bald dude with the sparkling head (no, not my uncle) and possibly some floor wax.
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Note to Trillian: I don't know why you decided to start crashing so much, but please desist from this behavior. It is most distressing.

. o O o .

Edit at 1947: Okay, so there's a new release of Trillian Pro (2.01) that I wasn't aware of. I've installed it and will keep my fingers crossed that it makes the silly program behave better.
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