February 13th, 2004


Tempting fate ....

So it's Friday the 13th, and for those who are superstitious that's supposed to be a bad thing. So, risking horrible injury I took the following risks:
  • I upgraded the firmware on my cable router. It didn't fry!
  • I had a black cat walk across my path. Well, this probably doesn't count -- Ra always walks across my path. A lot.
  • I collected my mail from the mailbox. I had a refund check from the storage company waiting for me. Wooo, unexpected money!
  • I converted our North Brunswick campus from Frame Relay to ATM. Okay, this DID meet with disaster -- it seems the new network's T1 line was never installed. It's hard to have an upgrade without the proper components.
  • I turned up an additional three T1s so we could get another 4.5Mbit of bandwidth into the office from the Internet. It took around 40 minutes to get stuff worked out with Sprint but the lines got turned up and BGP enabled without a problem.
  • I got my hair cut. I look good!
  • I hung up the whiteboard. The glue I used to repair the frame held!
  • I purchased and assembled a shelving unit for the Blue Room of Death. It didn't collapse, it fits just fine and looks really sharp! My printer and network gear has a home now that isn't on the floor.
  • I read my e-mail. My Onkyo SKS-HT510 6.1 surround-sound speakers arrived at the distributor and should be shipping tonight!

    That's about all the risk-taking I think I'm going to take today. Tonight I plan to unwind, watch some TV and do the last of the dishes. Having the kitchen completely unpacked will be nice, because now I'll be able to cook a proper meal instead of whipping together bachelor-chow every night.

    Actually, I may not do that. I just got an invite from my buddy Dave to go hang out with him and some friends of his at the Brickhouse Pizzeria in Naperville. I've never been there and it sounds like a good time, so maybe I'll go out and be social tonight instead of staying home and doing the responsible thing of unpacking further.

    It's not a crime you know

    . o O o .

    Edit at 1853: I hooked up and reprogrammed the LinkSys WAP-11 that I got from hightensile some time ago. Z'ha'dum now has wireless connectivity available for when people visit with their laptops. This could be fun in the summer... we can sit on the patio behind the house, grill tasty food and geek from remote!
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