January 23rd, 2004


A peek in the panther's mailbox

Subject: [ Speakeasy ] Order Status Update and Progress Report

Jason Olsen,

Below is a report of the current progress of your broadband order. You have
opted to have this status mailed to you every 24 hours. To turn off or change
the frequency of these automatic status updates, use the Installation Status
tool in MySpeakeasy(http://www.speakeasy.net/myspeak).


Broadband Installation Status:

Stage 1: Order Received
Your order has been received by Speakeasy.

Stage 2: Order Placed
We have placed your order with the vendor.

Stage 3: Install Confirmation
Stage 3: PENDING.

Progress Report:

01/22/2004 12:18 PM (from Speakeasy)
COVAD: Order accepted for order .

Aaaah, what a great way to start my day! When you are as tragic a geek as I am there's nothing like an update from your DSL provider saying "Hey, you're getting broadband in about ten days!" to put a positive spin on your morning. Mmm, 1.5M down/256k up RADSL with two static IP addresses. I can practically taste it now...

Tomorrow will be a moderately busy day. As per my still-rather-new weekend routine I will be getting up relatively early to go to class for four hours. After class it's down to the TCOM lab for two hours of labwork, and I'll need them all as there's a lot that remains to be done with my team. Once I'm done with the lab I'm free to go about my day and deal with more pleasant things. Right now I plan to head South from the campus so as to meet up with Heather. We'll probably do a late lunch, then skip over to the alley to see if I can get sized for a new bowling ball. Since the house is just three miles away from a really nice bowling alley I've decided I need to get back into the habit of going bowling, and once Heather heard that my old friend started scheming to draw me into the weekly bowling league she chairs. I think it might be fun to get back on a team, the last time I was on one was when I was all of ... 8 years old? Something like that. I know that I can certainly use the exercise and opportunity to socialize that a league represents. I'm curious to see if I can get anywhere near my old high-score of 230. I bet my first six frames are nothing but gutterballs....

Once my order is in for a new ball I'll head over to the house and unpack a few more boxes to make space in the livingroom. I spent a few hours down there on Thursday night trying to get things cleared for the next "shipment." If I'm very lucky I'll be able to enlist the help of roho and enveri on Sunday to go do one last run to the storage unit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that with Genet's car to take my remaining art there will be enough room in the Expedition so as to haul away the last of the big boxes. That would leave me with just the furniture such as my couch, kitchen table, dresser and desks in the storage unit, which I can retrieve at my leisure with the trailer.

Tonight, however, I clean my bedroom. Look ma, I'm being productive!

Giving me the courage and strength I need

One other thing...

... it looks like Z'Ha'Dum is sticking as the official name for the house. I myself was still undecided, but there must be something about it that "just clicks" since other folks are starting to reference it by said name in their entries.

I'm amused.
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