January 15th, 2004



I don't think that it's ever good when there is some level of disagreement about the actual name of the street your house is on. My official lot survey from the city says it's one thing, most of the utilities companies have barfed on that name and only seem content with the other one (which is in reality only a tiny bit different, but apparently just different enough to monkey up the works).


Work is eerily quiet this morning -- it's 0800 hours and there's almost nobody here in the office. If I didn't know better I would say that somebody forgot to tell me about a company holiday. Maybe everyone caught a version of this low-grade flu bug I seem to be suffering from?

At this point I'd like to solicit some advice from everyone who takes the time to read my journal. The house needs a name! When captain18 was still living in Illinois his place was "Chez Cap," if I recall right. chebutykin has the "Arkham Asylum." I have no name for my place of residence, so now's your chance to help name it! Help a not-very-creative guy out, and comment with your suggestion.

How long we gotta wait until we get the keys
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The Incredible Farting Coworker must be stopped at any cost.

I think I'll hire a team of ninjas to perform a surgical strike on him in the elevator lobby. Their mission will be to cork him, dead or alive.

. o O o .

Edit 1:12 PM: These aren't farts, these are acts of war. I'm going to demand reparations for crimes against humanity.