January 10th, 2004


Ehhehehehheh. Hey, crackjackal?

I think you might get a laugh out of this conversation:

<Frostbite> bad milk
<Feren> sad milk
<Frostbite> Where the hell DID that "sad milk" come from?
<Frostbite> The first place I ever saw it was in Ashryn's iChoke drawing

And there's also a request for elaboration here.

I think it's time you stepped forward and enlightened the masses!
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My favorite musician, Neil Young, will be on tour again this year. He'll be coming through the Midwest in early March. So I'm left with an interesting choice: Should I see him in Milwaukee, a venue I've never been to... or go see him at the Rosemont Theater here in Illinois?

Choices, choices!
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