January 4th, 2004


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“00'00 // Here it is, 10:12 in the morning, and I've put, roughly, 18 miles of highway behind me at this point. I left at about 9:50 this morning, almost two full hours earlier than my plans originally called for. I had thought that I was going to leave at noon, but I got word last night that there will be adverse weather conditions in Chicago. The forecast at this point calls for freezing rain to put down a glaze of ice on the roads and then there's going to be anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow on top of that, creating what I lovingly call the ice rink effect. Since that's sure to snarl traffic and cause plenty of accidents, I thought it might be prudent for me to leave earlier than planned, and give myself some leeway just in case traffic is as bad as I'm expecting it to be.

01'00 // Like I said, I thought I was gonna leave at noon and I figured I would be home at 7 o'clock. Now I'm leaving at 10, and I am expected to be home at ... 7 o'clock. I don't think that I'll be able to repeat my six-hour drive that I had coming from Chicago to the farm. I was going a lot faster for a lot longer than I had originally planned, which lead to that rather impressive travel time. And, uh, given the road conditions in the Chicago area, even if I could repeat that performance, I don't think that I should.

01'36 // I'm currently on northbound 35E, and I'll be reaching 494 shortly. I'll take 494 over to I-94 and run that east into Wisconsin, and then I'll pick up I-90 East and run that the rest of the way into the Chicago area. And then it's a short trip up Illinois 53, and I'll be home.

02'03 // I'm going to get down to the business of driving. I'll be sure to post a notice when I actually get to the apartment. And... I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years, and I'm looking forward to 2004. I think we've got some good things on the horizon for us this year.

02'18 // Take care.”

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Phone Post:

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“00'00 // Today's valuable lesson is that it is an acquired skill to be able to hold a travel mug, pour coffee from a thermos into the travel mug and maintain control of a vehicle that's going 70 miles an hour. I'm not sure how my father managed to learn this skill, but it's simply eluding me at this point. Everytime I want coffee I have to pull over to the side and pour a new cup, yet I know from repeated experience, mostly trips up north with my father, that he can do it no problem... I-i-i don't know if he's steering with his knee, or using The Force or what. But it's something I cannot manage to do. So, I've learned I don't think I should try to do it any more. Just thought I'd share that interesting little tidbit with y'all.

00'52 // Take care.”

Transcribed by: frostyw

Snow removal operations ineffect -- watch for plows

I'm home.

I started to see snow flakes at the 90/94 junction in Madison. By the 12/18 exit in the same town it was snowing quite hard.

While this trip didn't qualify as The Drive From Hell, it got style points for the ridiculous number of accidents I saw (The SUV that was laying on its roof behind a length of K-rails is the clear winner of the "How In The Blazing Blue FUCK Did You Manage That?!" award... We were going five miles an hour!). For added bonus score the drive absolutely sucked from Janesville WI onwards.

And oh yeah, honking your horn when you're sliding sideways towards me is an excellent sign you're an idiot. I'm in control of my vehicle, how about you worry about getting yours out of that skid?

Shower and sleep are quite high on my priority list right now.

Momma's gonna worry

End of an era.

After more than a decade of service, my Sony "Dream Machine" clock-radio has finally ceased to function. I suppose everyone will think I'm a lunatic for saying this, but this makes me feel rather sad. Part of that is sentimental, as the alarm clock was a gift from my father a long time ago. That clock saw me through high-school, my first job and four separate moves. Part of it is a little less sentimental and a bit more anal-retentive: it's been a part of my morning routine ever since I received it. In any case it had been a fathful companion for over ten years, and now it's gone.

This also leaves me in a lurch for how I'm going to get up tomorrow. Due to the weather I need to get up at 5:30 to make sure I have a lot of time for the drive in to work... but I have no way to wake myself up (My body's "internal alarm clock" got reset from 5:45 AM to 8:15 AM during vacation). I guess I'll pull down an application for my PC and use it along with my speakers to act as a makeshift alarm until I can buy a suitable replacement.