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What a day...

I got up a little later than usual this morning, but not nearly as late as I would have liked since Ra was being particularly noisy and annoying this morning. After I fed him I hopped online and was pleasantly surprised when shiver101 appeared not long after. We talked until she had to go, which was well-timed... I had to leave about 15 minutes later to make my way down to Lansing to meet with the realtor.

Due to a comedy of errors roho and I didn't get out the door until 12:15, so we arrived at the real estate agent's office about 20 minutes late. We had to sit and wait a bit while he printed up some paperwork, then we were off and about town to look a t three different houses. The first one was okay but wasn't anything to write home about, and it needed a new roof and had some worrisome cracks in the foundation. The second one was nice -- it had a kickass deck, a nice back yard and a real sense of flow that I liked. What I didn't care for was the train tracks in the back yard and the layout of hte bathrooms. I need to get my agent to understand that when I say "2 bathrooms" I mean just that -- two. Not 1.25, not 1.5, but TWO. If the tub doesn't have a shower head it doesn't count in my mind as a full bathroom no matter how easy it would be to install! The third house has potential but is definately a "fixer-upper," and as such they wanted far too much money for it. Potential, yes, but for $155,000 I can do a lot damn better.

After the showings for the three houses we drove back to the agent's office, and I promised to give him a call on Monday to set up another batch of viewings this week. I'll spend tomorrow flipping through the other listings he gave me to see what interests me. This is where things get interesting, I just have to keep looking and remain positive; I'm sure I'll find something sooner or later (and hey, my rate lock is good for two months so I have no overwhelming rush). In the interim I might turn to Candis King and see if she can produce anything in the Bolingbrook or Batavia area. On Wednesday I'm taking an occurance from work and going back down to Lansing to look at the houses I express interest in, including the one in the flood plain. Yes, it will require flood insurance so I probably won't buy it... but I'd like to see it, just to see how closely what meets my ideals on paper matches to reality. Curiousity, and all that.

We saw a flyer on the mailbox for our building today with a picture of the stray cat we've named Marcus, which lists a phone number to call in case anybody sees him. Kestral did a bit of research with the office complex and -- surprise -- the phone number is that of the family that turned him loose (essentially abandoning him). We talked about it for a while and, well, we've decided we're not going to call. The leasing office knew we had the cat and when we asked them about it they said they had "opted not to tell them where the cat was" since they find the family to be shady, and are really upset they'd abandon him in the first place. In some ways I'm sad and in other ways I'm glad. I'm sad that the people who own him took this long to evidence any interest, and I'm sad that the poster was put up by the people who threw him out in the first place. On the other hand I'm glad the complex office seems to think highly enough of us that they'll let us keep him. He's absolutely adorable, he has a cute meow, he purrrs louder than any cat I've ever met and he's finally learning to get along with Ra and Cailet (Or rather they are learning to get along with him). He'll be a joy to have around the apartment.

Tonight I cut all of the services off of the old "panther.black-panther.us" server and onto the new machine that's located at ValueWeb. It took a bit of work but with the help of masem and yakko I got two working C/N pairs turned up inside WTNet and was able to shut down the IRCD on the old server and turn it up on the new one. I'm linked back in to the network and running fine thus far, though the next few days will give me a better feel for how stable the network is.

If you have an account on panther and find you're not able to get in, e-mail me at the usual address and we'll get it worked out.

Tomorrow is our regular trip to BDs, and I'm really looking forward to it this week since I'll be stepping behind the counter for the first time and grilling. Roho made a joke that he should go vegetarian this week, but I don't think I'll do that badly. I've been paying attention and I'm sure I'll have expert guidance while I'm back there. In another week or two I'll undoubtedly be an expert at this, ready for whatever challenge they might throw at me. If nothing else I can say that I've had the pleasure of working at a 500+ degree grill that is over six feet wide, right? It seems only natural that I do this anyways, I have the BDs shirt and the BDs bandana, I could quite easily be one of the crowd.

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