December 25th, 2003


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Well, this year had a theme, and for me it was a "Tim Taylor" or "Home Improvement" Christmas. I got tools, tools, socks, tools, a tie and more tools. I think my father has been planning this flood of handy-man implements for a while... one does not just "spontaneously" amass drill-bit kits, tarplins, powertools, tape measures and socket sets.

Saturday we go to see my cousin Priscilla. Currently she's staying at my uncle's house in Minneapolis, she's not in good enough shape to make the trip home to Northern Minnesota. I talked to her for about ten minutes on the phone today and she sounds great. She's very excited to be out of the hospital. After spending two straight months I can understand her pleasure at finally being "on the outside."

My dad loved his neon sign and my grandfather was brought to tears(!!!) by the ship-in-a-bottle that I got for him. I took a few pictures and I hope to share them via my gallery when I get home.

I got a great deal more than I expected and far more than I deserved this Christmas -- some of which I haven't written about yet, some of which is too personal to share beyond a small circle. May everyone else have a Christmas just as filled with hope and joy.
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coming unglued slowly...

Ah, family... They can drive you to manslaughter in 72 hours with the simplest things, and isn't it amazing?

Right now my current beef is my father's fascination with the television. As long as he is home the TV is always on, and the volume is always "up" to the point you have to shout over the damn thing to be heard. When he gets up to go outside and walk the dogs the TV is left on, blatting away even if nobody is there to watch it. If I turn it off he turns it back on again as soon as he's inside -- which is his right, yes, because it's his TV and his house.

But still, I'm really getting tired of competing with the TV.
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