November 3rd, 2003


Well heck, the benefits of being a permanent member just keep getting better....

Earlier today there was an announcement in the LiveJournal news account that users are now able to buy additional userpics for their account at a very reasonable rate (although you have to be a paid user first to do so). Paid users could go from their maximum of 10 pictures to 20 for an additional $10 US a year. People like myself and roho with permanent accounts were automatically bumped to the maximum of 20 pictures as well as a "perk" for being a permanent member of LiveJournal.

About fifteen hours later there was a follow up entry posted to the original announcement, and I was both surprised and pleased by it. The first time I read it I misunderstood what was being said and thought that the maximum number of userpics had been moved from 20 to 30 -- still a pretty generous move in and of itself. After I re-read the entry I came to realize that I had read it wrong the first time... LiveJournal hadn't increased the maximum to 30 userpics, they had increased the maximum by thirty. I wasn't sure if this perk was automatically extended to my account, but after checking out this updated FAQ I have confirmed I have 50 userpics as my new limit.

I continue to stand by my assertion that buying a permanent account was the best thing I ever did with LiveJournal (aside from when I originally signed up back in 2001). Little benefits like this just keep showing up when I least expect them.

Now it's time to get to work filling those newly empty slots! I think I commissioned ashryn at sone point for a few userpics but I don't remember for certain so now I have to go back through my records and see if I actually did or not. Anybody else interested in making some money on the side?
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And so it begins...

The first two new icons are loaded!

-- Smiling

This picture is cropped from a gift illustration given to me by film2edit about a year ago. I really like the style she used here.

-- Mischief

This image is courtesy of tarinfirepelt. Tarin has drawn Feren so many times for me that I owe him a pack of black Sharpies this Christmas to replace all the ones he's dried up coloring in panther fur....

More pictures are still to come!

I scribed the words of God
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