September 6th, 2003


Victory... is mine!

I am invincible, it would seem, all thanks to the mighty power of Google's magical and most wonderful Toobar 2.0. Not only does it have the usual search capabilities, it now has a super-sweet pop-up ad blocker. Pop-up ads have been the bane of my existance for about as long as they've existed, especially the ones that spawn sixty new pop-up windows when you attempt to close just one of them.

So yeah, surfing the web just got a little better. It's almost back to the same level of pain to use that it was in the late 90s when things didn't entirely suck.

Today I'm planning to go sailing with one of the people I work with at the office. I'll be bringing my digital camera along and hopefully there will be a few opportunities for taking pictures of the city and the lake. With more luck I can convince roho to join me. In speaking with PE this morning it sounds like thus far I'm the only confirmed guest he's got, which is a bit of a shame, the weather is lovely for this sort of activity and his boat is quite nice. We'll only be out for a few hours (from around 1:00 pm to 4 or 5 o'clock) but it'll be something very different from our usual weekend routine of chores, movies and shopping. As such I've made up my mind: I'm going to enjoy this, dammit, and nothing will stop me from getting there on time! I haven't been out on a boat since the last time I visited my grandfather in Flordia, and that was almost a decade ago.

. o O o .

Addendum: Roho's joining me. Hooray! I promise that I'll bring your boy back in one piece, Kestral.

.... he might be a little wet and bedraggled, but he'll be in one piece.

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Home safe!

We got back from the boating expedition around 6:20 PM or so. Roho and I both had a great time even though we didn't actually get to go sailing until 3:15 or so (We were supposed to leave the harbor around 1:20, and ended up waiting an hour and a half for the boat's co-owner to show up). Despite the delay things went smoothly when the rest of the party arrived and once we actually hit the water we had a chance to unwind. For me it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to be back out on the water. I took around 150 pictures of the city skyline, the boat's owner, the owner's friend, Roho, myself, other boats.... anything that caught my eye was fair game for the camera. Unfortunately I'm sure that despite the multitude of pictures I attempted to take there were probably only six of them that turned out decent. That fact, folks, that little bit right there is why I have a digital camera. I know that I suck at photography, and with a digital camera I can take a few good photographs amid hundreds of bad ones and not lose my shirt in processing fees.

Tomorrow after errands I will skim through the compact flash card, clean, crop, correct as necessary and post the good images. I hope a few of the skyline turned out

Now it's off to BDs!

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