August 17th, 2003


I... have no answer for this.

This is the strangest little game that I've found in quite some time, and it's written entirely in Flash. It's a great way to murder your productivity for an hour or so, and I imagine I'll be playing it at work tomorrow when I'm done with the various big chores that I have to accomplish.

If you find yourself addicted to it, don't blame me -- I'm just the messenger. Instead, blame the good fellow over at SpinnWebe for sharing it via his August 16th Brainshot.

My plans for today involve getting tasty food at BD's with Roho and Kes, then coming home and watching another episode or two of The Family Guy. After that I'll be working on some documentation for the office. I'm glad I brought my laptop home, with a bit of tinkering I might be able to get the wireless network to the point it doesn't suck so horribly. My only goal for the wireless at this point is to make it so that I can, at the very least, listen to MP3s over the air while I sit on the porch and rewrite cost justifications. Since this stupid paper is due first thing Monday morning I have to make sure this gets done before I go to bed tonight.

You can really learn a lot that way
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Further birthday awesomeness....

I wrote in loving detail about my Wednesday, where I was treated to a memorable night out at BD's by my roommates and the staff of the restaurant. A few other people went out of their way to help make my birthday this year a memorable one by surprising me with packages in the mail.

  • Amy, whom I've written about once before... she found out about my birthday one way or another and made it a mission to find something to give me. She took great pleasure in teasing me, telling me that she was making something for me but never hinting once what it might be. I made lots of protests but in the end she knows that I do, secretly, love that sort of teasing. On Thursday afternoon the package arrived at the apartment with her gift in it, and I didn't even realize it for a moment because her address completely befuddled me -- I couldn't process who I knew in that state and why I would be getting a package from them. I had to open the box and unwrap the items within before it finally came together for me. Inside the box was a very tender card and a gift that speaks straight from her heart. Thank you, dear lady, for the kind words and thoughts both in the card and on your gift to me. I'm trying to find someplace fitting for it in my bedroom. I think I'll be putting it on the wall just behind and above my desk, once I get the proper hardware to mount it. Thank you, Amy.
  • aynjel surprised me by paging me that she had done a little shopping and found me a gift on Amazon. This was completely unexpected and just as unnecessary as the gift Amy sent me. In this case the anticipation was not "what is it" but "what inspiration did she take?" I had a conversation with Aynjel earlier in the week about a couple different things that Amazon could offer gifts for... and when I thought about it a bit more I realized she might have gone and delved into my wish list, in which case I would have a gift coming to me that could be practically anything (I use my wish list to track purchases that I should make in the future, since I don't do a good job of writing it all down at home). When the box arrived on Friday I tore it open in the parking lot and peered inside. Imagine my surprise when I found two CDs from my wish list inside (Godsmack's self-titled album, and the Queens of the Stone Age, "Songs for the Deaf," which was something yotogi turned me on to a few months ago by letting me download one track). Thank you, Aynjel, for braving the Amazon website to order me a present.

    And to everyone else who sent me congratulations, warm wishes or just a "heya" for my birthday... thank you. It's your friendship that is the most important gift of all. I can count all my friends on both hands these days, its true, but I'm glad to know that the quality of them more than makes up for the quantity.

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