August 16th, 2003


Well, I get back from the weekly Sam's Club run...

... and the first thing I do is take a Quizilla quiz that I stole from tetragon. Lord am I lame!

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After Roho and I finished unloading our take from the grocery run to Sam's Club (I am ashamed at the results of this week's shopping. Usually I spend $30 to $40 more for my purchase than Roho and Kestral combined, but this time Roho actually spent more money in Sam's than I did! He bested me by over $60, and I blame his purchase of a video card on this trip for skewing the results) we watched some TV and then went back to our usual routine of sitting in front of the computers and killing time until Kestral gets home (Our daily routines usually revolve around who is home and who isn't at the time for some reason). I spent a bit of time in my room fussing over my computer before making lunch for myself around 1:00 pm. Now that I've finished a tasty meal of cheddar bratwurst with a side of pepperoni slices with cheddar melted over them I'm sated and happy. At this point I'm left with a decision to make, and I am probably writing this entry so that I don't have to make it. I can either make another vain attempt to clean my room or I can work on the summary I've been promising of August 13th. Since I've always been a procrastinator at heart I suppose I'll skip both and make a third option for myself by watching the third Netflix rental that I received. I would really like to see "A Beautiful Mind," but this probably isn't the time for it... everything I've heard says that the film is sort of moody, and since I'm flying high right now I'm probably better off staying away from it. Writing about the awesomeness that was the 13th would be a good way to keep this chipper mood going, so I think that's the option I'll take (hey, it's better than pushing laundry around!).

So as soon as this posts I'm going to start working on the much-promised entry, yes. This is me pushing the button, this is me getting to work....

Would we spend tomorrow's yesterdays and make it last somehow?
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