July 20th, 2003



We left D&B's at around 1:05 this morning. Roho went directly home while I caught a ride with Neuracnu to the hotel Cap and Frosty are staying at. There we talked for another two or so hours, when Cap and Frosty decided to take their leave and go to bed. That, amusingly enough, didn't deter Daf, Neuracnu and I from staying up for another couple of hours for smoking, drinking and talking. We went to bed at sometime around 5:30 this morning. Here it is 8:41 (three hours later) and I'm awake again.

Wow, you'd think I was 18 and back in college, staying up late, partying and studying, going to bed only to get up less than five hours later to do it all over again.....
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I'm home!

Title says it all.

Today, barbeque was had. Boating was had. It was a good time, and the company was highly enjoyable. I'm amazed that I'm still able to function -- I got up at 8:30 this morning after a night of party and hard drinking and a pitiful three hours of sleep. I've been on the move ever since I got up and now after a full day I'm home again at 7pm. I can't believe I'm still awake. I wonder if perhaps I've forgotten how to sleep, and am more than a little nervous to see if I'll be able to actually get to sleep tonight.

Summaries of Saturday's events as well as those of today will be written Tuesday, I think. Watch LiveJournal for pictures that will be sure to amuse and/or terrify. The other folks who were in attendance will surely have their own summaries to write.

Many thanks go to neuracnu for hooking me up with a ride last night and today, and going some 13 miles out of his way on his drive home to St. Louis to drop me off.

Should I sink or dive?
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And less than ten minutes later...

Addendum the first: my wrists are agony, a flaming poker is being rammed through each one and then twisted violently. They've been feeling like this since about halfway through the drive home from Captain's old place in Rockford. Huge painkillers shall be delivered, water drank to keep the kidneys from shutting down thanks to the pain killers and then I am going to go lay down. I may not make it to work tomorrow if this persists... I can barely bend my hands.

Why the fuck do I hurt so much, when I haven't touched a keyboard in over 24 hours?
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