July 11th, 2003


I would not have predicted this...

I was searching through one of the drawers in my desk in an attempt to locate a pair of scissors. I moved aside a hanging shelf and discovered a treasure beneath. Not just any treasure, it's a treasure that travels through time.

I found Pocky. I'd forgotten that some time ago, around the middle of 2002 I think it was, I had picked up three boxes of Pocky and brought them to work. Apparently I'd set them in this drawer and promptly forgot about them since I never actually *use* the drawers in my desk.

So now I have three boxes of Pocky. I've got Mousse Chocolate Pocky (contains three packs and carries the slogan "Lighten up your day with Pocky's super smooth aero-chocolate), Mousse White Pocky (also three packs, with the same slogan) and Men's Chocolate Pocky (two packs and an extended slogan that reads, "Crispy pretzel dipped in dark chocolate for the intelligent connoisseur who enjoys the finer points in life").

Wow, this brings back memories of weekend trips to Mitsuwa Marketplace with roho and lunches had courtesy of the house from Dragon Boat.

You are not your fucking khakis
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Minnesotan pictures are now here.

These are pictures from my trip back to my old stomping grounds have been posted in their own gallery on my website. I've grouped them into a few sub-albums:

  • Miscellaneous -- Things that didn't fit with the others. aureth should look at this if only for three pictures.
  • Farm Ruins -- I found an old farm about 3 miles from my parents' property that's for sale, with copious ruins on the land. I suspect when I come back for Thanksgiving it will be sold and the old buildings torn down, so photographing this became something of a mission for me. urocyon would be proud.
  • Skidloader -- Because men love powerful toys, cigars and playing in the dirt.
  • Scenic Overlook -- This is the Black River Falls scenic overlook, which you can only reach from the Westbound side of I-90/94. I stopped to use their facilities and ended up taking an additional 45 minute break to tromp up a steep hill in dress shoes, wool slacks and a heavy black long-sleeved shirt so I could get some photographs.
  • Tourist Trap -- The Black River Crossing Oasis, where aureth, jenwolf and I stopped for lunch on our way to CONvergence 2002. It's a gift store, a restaurant, a gas station, a hotel and so much more! It's also home to towering, terrifying fiberglass ... things.

    Wanna go left when the world goes right
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    Yet another thing I would not have predicted.

    Hey chebutykin, I think you and yotogi might find this to be rather amusing. What DO you get when you take an artist, add South Park and overload of Hulk merchandising? Go look and see.

    I really need to thank krag_carbine for making me laugh so hard I nearly squirted water out my nose. This becomes even more alarming when you come to realize that I wasn't drinking water at the time.
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