June 19th, 2003


Random collection of thoughts tonight...

Not much to write about today. I had a surprise staff meeting since my manager will be out of the office tomorrow. The meeting naturally lasted far too long and wandered off-topic far more often than I would have liked. After I managed to escape from the meeting I went with DP and RW to Coyote's Mexican and had the fajita buffet again. I tried, oh I tried to resist going back for a second plate but eventually I surrendered to the tasty food.

The drive home today was a great deal more pleasant because it was cool but sunny. Yesterday it was raining and nobody knew what to make of it. To borrow from roho, "Oh no! Water from the sky! We must cower in terror!" I did make the drive a bit longer by stopping over at our neighborhood Fruitful Yield, where I picked up $55 in supplies. I bought a bunch of Atkins Advantage bars (they've come out with yet more flavors like "Chocolate Coconut!" I have to try this) and some more Endulge bars and Endulge peanut butter cups. I also got some of the carb-free chocolate flavoring syrup that I've experimented with in my coffee. I'll be taking this bottle of it to work so that I can flavor the otherwise mud-like fluid the company tells me is coffee. gen, you might want to investigate those new Advantage flavors. Definately investigate the syrup!

Once I got home I did some skimming of the web in an attempt to learn more about the incredible products offered by Alpine so that I could finalize some of my plans for the stereo component upgrade in the Expedition. I've rapidly come to the conclusion I really need to go talk to a dealer so I can try and figure out what parts I need for my new truck when I get it. If I don't talk to the dealer first I'm going to end up getting parts that may not be the current model year or just may not be compatible. I also need to ask them questions like "What is the difference between a tuner and a receiver? Why is it a difference you feel justifies a $90 difference in price?" I found there's a dealer about four miles from the apartment, so I think I'll drop in on them tomorrow on the drive back home and see if I can't look at some of this gear up close and personal. Once I know how it all goes together (and why it goes together that way) I can go scout it down and buy it for the impending installation. I must have CD changer goodness and XM satellite service!

I'm also considering buying a C. B. radio for this truck, something I've done for every vehicle I've owned in the past. All my radios have been Uniden, and I'm thinking that with this new rig I won't break that tradition. My Pro 538W performed pretty well in the current pickup until my cheesy antenna broke apart, so I think I might just grab another one and install it in the Expedition. The only concern I have is the antenna, which is a mistake that I don't want to repeat. I want a good one that I know will push the signal out and pull it in. I'm tired of not being able to hear people I don't have line-of-sight with. At the same time the Expedition stands pretty tall, so I don't want the antenna smashing against things and getting busted after a few weeks. I guess I should go consult some of the various amateur radio experts for their input. The main reason I don't want to do that is that ham folks seem to be programmed on the genetic level to be elitists, and prone to rambling on and on about how much C. B. sucks and HAM is the "one true radio." I don't need a lecture about why I'm a philistine, I just want to know what antenna will meet my needs. On second thought maybe I should just skip the consultation and buy one based on my own intuition.

For some reason this evening I also found myself trying to figure out where I can buy silk boxers (Logical choices to me seem to be Kohl's, Wal-Mart and Target). I've got one pair (silk, with a leopard pattern) and for whatever reason I can't help but think I should go out and buy a couple more pairs with different patterns. I just don't know where I'd go to get them, what a good price would be, or why I'm even considering this. .. although I have a good guess that it has to do with this URL that somebody showed me online. No, I'm not going to buy anything from there, but I bet it's what set the wheels turning on this whole undergarment thing.

Boxers? Me? Highly dubious.

Skateboards, I've almost made them respectable
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Addendum the first...

After re-reading my last entry I find myself cringing in complete horror and reaching for the "obliterate" key in my LJ client. I'm not sure why but the entire entry just had a very herky-jerky feeling to it, as if I was putting periods in all the wrong places. Maybe this isn't as big a problem as I'm making it out to be since I've always had something of an affinity for run-on sentences, but I do like there to be a certain sense of "flow" to my writing.

That entry lacked flow... oh lord, did it lack flow. It lacked flow the same way a stopped up sewer pipe lacks flow, and with almost the same result.

Perhaps this sudden lack of writing skill is something as inevitable as the tide, and maybe it's not even entirely my fault. Thanks to my RSI the more I type the more my wrists hurt despite the repeated dosages of Naproxen throughout the day. In turn to the stunning increase in pain I start to hurry through my entries. The quicker I work and the more I hurt the less I care about how it reads, I just want to get my thoughts recorded before I lose the ability to type them out for the night. I hate this situation with a passion because re-reading that entry was the literary equivalent of riding in a manual-transmission car with somebody who is only just now learning to work the clutch. Stop, go, shudder, stop, go, stall. Uggggh.

I want to apologize right now for anyone having to read that horrible, horrible entry. I will do penance somehow to atone for it once I figure out what a suitable punishment is.
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