March 26th, 2003


The IMAK order arrived!

I had to spend over a half an hour sitting in the leasing office waiting for somebody to come back, but the box was finally turned over to me. I rushed home and tore it open with great anticipation... I've had to wait eleven days for this thing to arrive, so I wanted to make sure everything was in tip-top shape when it arrived. Inside the box was everything I ordered.... my gloves, the pillow splints, flyers for new products.

I've had the gloves on for the last two and a half hours and I'm in heaven thus far. I hope the honeymoon will last, but time will tell on it. All I can say at this point is they seem really nice now that I have a pair on my hands. The bean bags are positioned just under my palms, giving me a level of support and helping to keep my wrists straight on normal 101-key keyboards as well as my more eccentric ergonomic keyboard. I got the medium size gloves even though I was borderline on size because it seemed logical to go larger rather than risk going smaller and finding out it was cutting off my circulation. I seem to have chosen wisely, they're snug without being excessively tight. This may be in part due to the Lyra-style material the glovers are made of, which helps them sort of mold to fit your hands. Sewn into the backs of the gloves are some sort of restraints that help prevent your hand from bending too far one way or the other. The nice part about the reinforcements is that they're flexible, so your hand still has some mobility. This is good because I firmly believe that total immobilization is detrimental to my muscles.... the old splints kept me from having a wide range of movement and they hurt. I don't think that will be the case with these.

Tonight I'll be putting on the pillow splints before I go to bed. I have some pretty high hopes for them as well, as I suspect I'm doing a lot of bending and flexing of my wrists as I sleep. These should hopefully provide support and help keep the movement to a minimum as well. With luck I'll start seeing some positive results over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

I'm incredibly excited because this could mean surgery won't be looming in my future. If I was forced to choose between risking my livelihood by going under the knife or dealing with the ongoing pain I'd be hard-pressed to make a decision quickly....

There have been two added bonuses from the last twenty-four hours as well. First, when I came home tonight I noticed a new drawing on the whiteboard, which really needs to be captured along with the revised one from earlier. It's super sweet. I wonder what the artist is trying to tell me? Second, I also was treated to a new drawing by the kind and generous Koz last night. It seems LiinSara requested this one, and I'm glad she did. It turned out very cute and I'm finding it hard to stop glancing at it from time to time.

All of my life
I have been hiding;
Now that you're here,
Now that I've found you,
Deliver me.
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