March 24th, 2003


Sunday is not the day of rest...

... or at least it wasn't for me. I recognize that what constitutes a "full and busy" day for me is something other people would probably consider to be the dullest thing on Earth, but I guess that's the glory of being an individual, isn't it? We're all so uniquely different that sometimes simple things can seem to be the epitome of exciting. At the very least it was a day apart from the routine for me, although nothing in the last two weeks has really been "routine."

Sunday morning I awoke sometime around 4:30 in the morning after dreaming that I had taken a job again with my old employer from Minnesota, Holiday Sports (now Gander Mountain). I'm not sure exactly why I had this dream, although I suppose the question of job satisfaction and stability has been on my mind a bit more as of late. Maybe I'm just yearning for what I consider deep-down to be "happier times," when I didn't have anything beyond the next day of work and a few hours at school to worry about, and the world seemed a little more full of possibilities instead of simply being a place of near-absolute certainties.

The dream was interesting... in it I was back at my old job. I was even at my old location... store #496 in Burnsville, MN. In one part of my dream I remember very clearly working at the cash register, although I don't think I'd taken my original position of cashier back. There was a line of people and I had just opened the till, and I made my way over to the crowd and divided them in two, asking half of them to come over to my register so that I could give them a speedier checkout. That's a scene that could have almost been pulled from memory because it had happened enough times during my year of employment there. The other scene that remains very vivid for me was walking into the back stock room to get the mail from my box. It's funny how many trivial details your memory can store, even over a time span of years. From everything I remember of the dream I had the floor plan of the store down perfectly with regards to the back rooms, everything from the fire exit to the new location of the mailboxes was spot on. I remember pulling an immense stack of paperwork from the little box in the middle of the bottom row that still had my name on it, and commenting to myself in the dream that it's amazing the papers that can pile up in one's inbox over a few years of absence. While I'm sure I could still get a job there if I wanted to I'm relatively certain that they haven't held my position for the last six years, let alone my mailbox. The last time I was there in 1999 the store had been remodeled again (They were in the process of remodeling once when I was hired on) and there were maybe two of the forty-some people I used to know still working there.

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