November 19th, 2002


State of the panther address...

  • Streaming music is good.
  • Streaming music keeps me sane.
  • The CTS in my left wrist is being a real bitch.
  • I don't want to deal with the drive home tonight. Quickly, somebody build me a helicopter pad so I can just fly above it all

The day has been mostly uneventful at the office. There were minor repercussions for an outburst of mine in a meeting yesterday, but at least the party who held me responsible was of the intelligent persuasion so they listened to what I had to say and filed it away. The clique of people I work with had lunch outside the office today. Say goodbye to the $10, but say hello to tasty restaurant food. I'm currently fighting a heavy-duty software package, but I'm not quite sure what to make of the installation instructions since I don't speak AS/400. Hopefully one of the OS/400 Engineers will be back at their desk shortly so I can get their help in understanding these documents.

I'm going to take a walk and give my wrist a break now.
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