November 15th, 2002


Good lord...

I had no idea I owned so many ties.

I mean, seriously! I've got better than three dozen ties, all of them silk. When you work at a place that is firmly lodged in the 70s IBM "you WILL have a dress code" mentality you quickly accumulate a decent collection of "business" dress. So, as I was saying: I knew that I owned a few, but I had no idea it was this many.

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A quick reflection on last night...

You know, I was just going over the massive blister my body has gifted me with in thanks for the second-degree burn trauma I inflicted on it last night. As I was looking at it and rubbing a bit of aloe lotion on the puffy skin I came to a realization about this little "incident." You see, what I realized is that I'd finally gotten my wish. In a moment of perverse comedy the universe saw fit to spite me and finally made stupidity painful.

Man, I wish I hadn't been stupid last night.
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