September 29th, 2002


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I still don't feel like writing. I think I know now what it feels like to have writer's block. The upshot of the deal for me is that I don't have to depend on writing for my living, so it's a little less stressful.

None of the thoughts that have been running through my head lately have been very notable, and certainly haven't proven sufficient to motivate me to try breaking through my block. This weekend a few things of note occurred, some of which were cool. roho, jenwolf, aureth, enveri and I went to see "Spirited Away" this weekend. It was a decent enough movie, even if the lead character did look as if she'd been ripped out of Nickelodeon's "The Wild Thornberrys." I went through the entire movie with the oddest sensation of deja-vu. I swear I've seen it before, especially when we got towards the end. I think mabye somebody had it imported from Japan last year and showed it to me. Or maybe I'm just insane. I think the insanity is probably the most likely option, don't you?

That was the major event on Saturday. Sunday was spent zipping over to Sam's Club to pick up a joyously hackable DVD player for my coworker, as well as a few other miscellaneous errands. Lunch was had at Baker's Square, which was a nice change. I even managed to have room left for their decadent French Silk Pie.

Tonight I should be doing something useful. But I'm not sure what to tackle first, so instead I sit here in a sort of infinite loop, trying to figure out what spot to tackle first....

That's the night the lights went out in Georgia
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After reading this article on Slashdot I'm starting to get a handle why the Japanese (Hell, why the world at large) mock us and why we're getting eaten alive out there.

I think the most succinct comment to the so-called story was the one that went along the lines of, "It's sure a shame you can't steal music and movies at the speed you were expecting."

Amen to that! Here's an idea, you slime-sucking gutter fish: how about you put mommy and daddy's money (and mine, since you've surely got a loan from the Fed that's using my tax dollars as well) to good use and actually go out and get the higher education you're supposed to be there to attain?

Sweet father chipped up and served on toast, the balls that these people must have! I mean, to complain about not being able to chew up an entire DS3 for goddamn MP3 and warez trading? That's just tragic. I mean that sincerely, that's on par with the entire Holocaust and surely a travesty such as this will be righted.

You'd think fast, unfettered Internet connectivity at a University so they can ignore their education and pursue illegal activities was a right they were entitled to. Screw free speech or the right to a trial, I should be able to abuse the school's facilities and thousands of taxpayer's dollars a month so I can get a copy of Photoshop 2002 for free instead of paying those greedy capitalist pigs for software they invested time and money to create! I'm not hurting anybody, I'm helping to stick it to the man!

This society gets what it deserves.

When you dance, do your senses tingle?
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For the benefit of kristenq...

... I've been a good little monkey and have been tweaking up the "Memories" section of my journal. At last my labors bear fruit, and you can now go here to see a list of the various rants I've written in my journal. They touch on a number of various topics in the last year or so. If you're particularly observent you'll see that most of them were written in 2001. Only one was written in 2002, and it's of pretty piss-poor quality, so I'm sort of ashamed of including it in there. But, at the same time, the issue I'm writing about it is near and dear to my heart so I included it in there anyway. None of them stack up to 2_gryphon's work, but I like to think they've got their own little place in the world.

Read them. See how I used to do my journal entires? I want to write like that again.
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