September 11th, 2002



I see it's become fashionable with a certain segment of the population to be against any sort of memorial for what happened a year ago today. No, I'm not talking about making September 11th a national holiday. I'm talking about all these people out there who are talking smack about people around them who have chosen to wear a ribbon pin, or carry a flag, light a candle or observe a moment of silence.

Eat my crank, you rank assjackals.

If you don't like what you see around you, or don't like the services that are being held, don't partake in it. Turn your TV off, don't attend any services. Read a book. Play EverQuest. But whatever you do, keep your fucking mouths shut and show a little respect to those who have chosen a method of grieving that they feel is appropriate. It's that simple.

You're entitled to your opinions. I will even go so far as to say that to a certain degree I believe you're right: I think that the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 have been overplayed, hashed, rehashed and abused for the dubious personal gain of others in government and elsewhere. However, my tolerance of your opinions will only go so far. I look around and right now all I see are people trying to be cool and going along with a crowd. I see people partaking in completely uncalled for, unrestrained bashing of those who are guilty of no crime greater than remembering just because it makes them feel smug or superior to others... that's when my patience draws to a close and I start getting pissed off. Here's a news flash: mocking somebody else's beliefs or pain doesn't make you cool, it makes you a goddamn fucking asshole. Of course, that's all part of your carefully cultured image, isn't it? You deliberately choose positions you knew would be unpopular. You carefully chose them, then continue to spout them as loudly and as frequently as you can so you piss people off. You then use that anger you create with your rhetoric to put yourself on a pedestal in some limp-dick attempt to make yourselves into martyrs. "See! They hate me because I speak the truth they don't want to hear!" No, they hate you because you're fucking rude and uncouth.

I'll break it down like this: Just because you don't approve doesn't give you the right to look down upon or ridicule those who feel inclined to observe a moment's silence, light a candle or whatever.

You people may be to some degree right in what you say, but your elitist attitudes fucking sicken me.

What do they know about this love anyway?
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Today has been a yoyo.

My day at work was a low. Coming home with groceries to find Cheb's gift was a high. Later this evening I got hit with another low. I'm left wondering about a lot of things tonight. I'm confused, and I'm hurt. Not all of it is related to the events of one year ago, although they no doubt helped to color my mood this evening to some extent. Some of this, though, has been boiling under the surface. Tensions. Doubts. Worries. It's coming to a head.

I'm going to go to bed. Staying awake doesn't help me sort this out. It only fuels my frustration and makes me want to make rash, angry decisions -- something I might regret later.

Most of all, right now: I want to curl up and sleep. I don't want any dreams. I want to just sleep. Please, for once... let me just have peace.
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