August 19th, 2002



[curses in such a manner as to make a sailor blush]

Here I am, thinking I'm smart because I backed up some data to the /tmp directory on my big network management system at work. I didn't have to wait for tape drives, didn't have to do any NFS monkeybusiness and I used up no physical disk space.

And then I rebooted the box to make some shared memory changes take effect.


Sunday goodness report...

I zipped out of the apartment around 11:30 AM yesterday, give or take a few minutes. I loaded up my truck with the PS2 controllers and extension cables I had, my laptop and a couple of DVDs I thought people might be interested in seeing. After I got onto the road I realized that the only tank I had any fuel in was my front tank, which is a bother because the tank's gauge is sticking. The poor pickup, like me, is starting to show wear and tear around the edges. That sticking gauge is just one of its problems. But back to the topic at hand: the malfunctioning gauge. Yes, even when the tank is full the stupid thing reads 1/8th tank, and even when it's empty it reads 1/8th tank, so it's always something of a guessing game if I actually have enough fuel to get where I'm going. After getting caught on the losing end of this game once before I decided I wasn't about to take any chances and pulled into the corner Mobil station to put some gas into the tank that does have a working gauge. I paid $25.10 for 16.2 gallons of 87 octane gasoline. I guess I'm not getting too bad a shake, but I do remember eight years ago when it was roughly $0.99/gallon for the same thing. Sometimes I miss the old days.

Once the pickup was fueled I made my way onto the toll way and cruised on down to the apartment of aureth and jenwolf for the rest of the day. I got there sometime around 12:45 PM, so I made decent time. I'll have to check out the travel log from my GPS to see what my actual elapsed trip time was. I'm also curious what my top and average speeds were. I think I was pushing things Just A Wee Bit.

I spent the first hour and a half (give or take) battling my laptop's stupidities and trying to get it linked up to Aureth's LAN so that I could download a copy of HP's WebJetadmin and tackle the problem he's been having with his printer's EIO card (A JetDirect 3111A). Eventually I met with a modicum of success and was able to get things rolling to the point that Aureth's Macintosh could print to the card via IP. The next challenge I was faced with was making it play nicely with his Appletalk-over-Ethernet system. That was a slightly more interesting challenge, and even now I'm not fully certain how I made it work -- or why it's identifying itself to OS X as a PostScript 400. Hey, whatever works -- the Cornwuff seemed happy enough that he could print. Around the time I met with my final victory against the printer and the JetDirect card was the time that Masem and captain18 made their presence known at the apartment (roho and enveri had already arrived before that, right in the midst of my ubergeek JetDirect hackfest), so my timing was fortunate. I went out to the living room, did the introduction thing and then settled in with the gang. We shot the breeze for a good long while, then decided it was time to break out the PlayStation2 that Roho had lugged along with him. Cap and Mas were introduced the addictive meme that is FurFighters. This game is usually a hit because it supports four-way death match brawls, the only drawback being you need a good-sized television to see what the hell you're doing. Oy yeah, it doesn't hurt in the least that the whole premise behind the game is just bent enough to appeal to the crowd I hang out with. So FurFighters was played, as well as some State of Emergency (the voiceovers are surreal) and Grand Theft Auto 3. I really need to get a copy of GTA3. I find it very therapeutic to take a fire truck and try to run it off a ramp for insane stunt bonus points.

Right around the time we were gamed out was also right around the time Jen proclaimed dinner to be ready. This was one of the main reasons I think everybody came down -- home cooked birthday celebratory dinner! The main course was excellent and Jen even managed to find a recipe (I want a copy) that produces biscuits that look and taste exactly like the kind you can get at a certain big-name fancy-pants seafood restaurant chain that uses a giant red sea roach as its logo. Mmm, those were good. I had to go back for a second helping, and when I was done I was stuffed to the gills (I really should see a doctor about those) and had to let the belt out a notch. Jen's convinced that she didn't do a good enough job cooking the food, I'm firmly convinced otherwise. I really thought it was a great meal, and everybody else seemed to agree. During dinner we watched Reefer Madness, a film from 1936 that was meant to be serious but really falls into the genre of comedy these days. We heckled it and did a lot of MST3k-ing, which was lots of fun. After the movie and once the dishes were cleared away we put in another match or two of Fur Fighters, then said good-night to Roho and Kestral. It wasn't long afterwards that Masem, Captain and myself followed suit. My drive home was mostly uneventful until I hit the construction on Westbound 290 that apparently came out of nowhere last night -- and was gone again just as suddenly this morning. Weird, weird stuff. Nothing like being in a traffic jam at 10:15 at night for no good reason whatsoever.

All told I had a great time last night. Roho and Kestral presented me with a framed poster that quite handily replaces one I owned that got smashed up when I moved from student housing into my own apartment. Jen and Aureth split the bill on the gifts they gave me (a gift basket from the amusingly-named Feren Gifts) as well as the dinner, which is more than I can ask for and more than I deserve. Masem and Cap came bearing the ingredients for Cap's rendition of my infamous Kooshtayle, which is always a fine gift. When you don't know what to get somebody for their birthday, get them drunk. ;)

Today was Monday. The Monday in question was rather unremarkable, save for the fact that Yet More Software Updates arrived from HP for my OpenView project. This is better than Christmas. With luck they'll send me even more software later on this week. I'm enjoying getting the chance to tackle a project that can actually serve to benefit me and make my life easier.

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