April 22nd, 2002


I had a weekend!

Well, I had a long, winding, detailed entry about my weekend written here, but somehow I managed to hi-lite and delete the entire goddamn thing with just two keystrokes, and I cannot get it back. This has not put me in the best mood, so I think I'm going to skip a retype for the time being and just write a brief executive summary here. Suffice it to say at this point that I had an interesting weekend that involved a trip to the local Japanese market, the zoo, and Fuddruckers. I also was on call which made me pull a bit of after-hours support on Friday, although it wasn't too terrible because I was able to get the problem resolved in a fairly short amount of time. All told, everything was pretty nice: I got to hang out with good friends, have some good food, and see faces I hadn't seen in quite some time. Sunday had some rough spots that dampened my spirits, cumulating in another rough spot on Sunday night that left me on the wrong side of the depression tracks, a mood I still haven't shaken this morning. It doesn't help, though, that its Monday and I'm at work, sipping subpar coffee and plotting the next move in the game of chess that is my career.

If I'm particularly motivated later today, I'll re-write the entry that got deleted thanks to whatever cruel, mocking spirits haunt this workstation.
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