February 4th, 2002


Morning status

Broken sleep does not lend itself to proper function. It took me three hours to get to sleep, and then it was broken even further because I had at least three dreams regarding the situation. None of them were reassuring.

Off I go to get ready for work. I wonder if I should bother shaving.
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Doesn't that just figure?

I quit smoking, and less than a week afterwards I get a cough that makes it feel like I'm rupturing my throat every time I even twitch my lungs. Not to mention when I do cough it's like my lungs are trying to escape. Fire in the throat should be from good whiskey or scotch, not from simple breathing (or the dreaded cough).

Feh. I need to find some NyQuil.
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Unexpected exit...

I left work two hours early because I decided it was a bad thing that I was shivering in a room that was 72 or 74 degrees, and actually chattering my teeth. The headache that's set in and the achy body doesn't help either. Yay, looks like I caught the flu for the first time in a few years. Time to go hibernate under my quilt in the bedroom.

Ra threw up his breakfast today as well. D'oh.
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