January 24th, 2002


The good and the ugly..

The good news is that my pickup is done, the body shop is giving it a final rubdown right now and I'll be able to take delivery of it at 4:30 this afternoon. You can rest assured that I will be doing so, too; I want my truck back! The bad news is that I'll have to front all the cash to the body shop for the repairs myself because the insurance company mailed the payment for the work done to my parents instead of me. D'oh! That's $3133 I have to pay out of pocket. Yes, I'll get reimbursed, but that's still a great deal of money to have looming over my head in high-interest credit. I hope I get the check quickly.

I have to get reimbursed for my rental car, too. Ugh. That'll be around $500 or so, I'm afraid. I will be glad to be free of that, though. Driving around in somebody else's car is not good for my nerves.
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I got the pickup back!

And wow, it just looks positively beautiful. Pictures will be taken to show the new side, the new mudflaps (all four are new!) the new bumper....

Butch and his boys really outdid themselves. I'm impressed and very happy with the results.

Something Good: My pickup is back home!
Something Bad: I had to pay the $3133 up front to take delivery
Something Disturbing: I was able to put it on one credit card that was already carrying a large balance.
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